Our biggest force and probably most important part of our success, resides in our staff. Our staff gives Maison Smith a pulse by offering you passion and knowledge.

You have yet to remark?

We are aware of this element and for this reason, we support them as employees and as professionals. The Maison Smith collaborates with its employees and invests in their long-term projects. In this way, we create a positive, constructive and rewarding work environment. We treat every one of our employees as a builder; they are masters and share with us our expertise when they enter our home. We strongly believe that each member has a potential to fortify the Smithsonian family. 

Behind this is the desire to maintain the highest quality products. All of our staff is meticulously trained in the art of coffee making. Our rigorous standards offer you quality! Our baristas enjoy spending the time needed to offer you a coffee to exceed your expectations; just ask them to try something new!

The diversity of our products is overwhelming and we do not glaze over any details. This requires a strong sense of team and a management that is prepared to invest in success. As a result, we push ourselves to take new challenges. All of this would be impossible without a keen sensitivity and a supportive team – that’s the Smith family!

The diversity of our products is overtaking ad we don’t left any detail aside. If we find any weakness, we put immediately all of our energy to fix it and to convert it into Smithsonian force. We have a keen perception and a supportive team, that’s the Smith family!

We are proud of our profound hearing and our avant-garde management. We like to surpass ourselves and take new challenges. If we don’t know how to do it, we will learn it and give all of our love to offer you the best possible result.