Italian accent... coffee! Italian accent coffee!

Our espressos are concocted with a mixed Italian roast. This assembly is composed out of beans from Central America, especially from Guatemala. They offer a refined taste with a perfect balance: 3 of acidity, 1 of bitter and 1 of intensity. It has a sharp taste with a touch of caramel.

Bravissimo to our roaster!

We offer a big range of coffee made products, starting on classics as the short espresso, the long espresso, café au lait  or latte, silky cappuccino and tasty americanos, finishing on more daring choises as the shot in the dark, the cortado, a flat white or a matcha with milk or simply nature. Surely you will find something you love!


Treats and Treats

We offer you a vast selection of sweets to satisfy your darkest desires: pecan pie, raspberry and dulce de leche cheesecakes, caramel apple tart and a macaroon carousel of all colors and flavors.

Top of the Line Sandwiches

For breakfast, lunch or diner you can spoil yourself with a selection of our gourmet sandwiches: the turkey sandwich, the prosciutto grilled cheese, our classic BLT, the gilled cheese using different local cheeses, the smoked salmon sandwich, the vegetarian wraps with a tempeh vegan Panini and more… we surley have something to fill all your desires!

Our Express Combo: the Quartet!

Buy a principal meal as a sandwich, a focaccia, a quiche or a feuilleté and then add 5 dollars to get a sidekick: the salad or the soup. In addition, you will get a homemade cookie and a beverage: you can choose between a filter coffee, tea or an Italian soda.

You are royalty! If you want to transform your quartet into a trio, you can replace your cookie and your beverage for a specialized drink including a latte, a mokaccino, a hot chocolate or a mocha latte… let yourself be inspired by our baristas!