We enjoy every little pleasure on life while we close our eyes : when we smile, when we kiss, when we get inspired. We close our eyes to better focus on the present moment, on the immediate sensation. This is why we work hard at La Maison Smith to charm you and give you unforgettable memories. We make you laugh, no matter the time. We envelop you with the exquisite odour of freshly grounded coffee. But, overall, we prepare you the best latte, so you can kiss is tenderly, eyes closed.


At Smith’s, the individual is the center of our concern. We invest in human’s.

We are more than a coffee shop; we are an anchor for community life in the cradle of French America. We enrich bonds by encouraging the exchange of ideas between visitors everyday.

We invest on our employees offering conditions that help them obtain personal and professional development. Every employee is also an entrepreneur in the Smith culture.

We are a refined pleasure on an easy going environment.

Quality, pleasure and confort.

More than a coffee shop, we are considered as a part of the neighbourhood life. People that visit ur make richer our life as we do our best to make their life richer as well!

We share the same motivation to start well the day… and also to finish it well.

Pleasure to meet you there!

We invite you to be part of the Smith family!

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